In the greater national interest, everyone should support govt efforts abroad: Bilawal


Co-chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) taking to the micro-blogging website twitter today (Tuesday) said that he was appreciative of the current government’s efforts to build better relations internationally.

Bilawal said that he feels that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s US trip had his unconditional support and also rallied behind the government’s efforts to win over the western world with positive diplomatic strides.

A vocal dissident of the opposition in the National Assembly of Pakistan tweeted: ” Having said that in the greater national interest everyone should support Pakistan’s efforts to engage the world. I therefore unconditionally support governments’ efforts. Will always provide constructive criticism when needed but will always support”

He added in another tweet that despite his reservations against the government and its policies along with the Prime Minister himself, he was always there to dole out constructive criticism but had chosen to laud the efforts being made on the current US trip.

Bilawal also notified that it was in greater ‘national interest’ to get behind the government and the headway’s it was made on the historic trip. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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