In a letter from death cell, Rana recalls events leading to his arrest and afterwards


(Islamabad New): A senior opposition leader detained for allegedly possessing narcotics a crime punishable with death has stated he had been a victim of a conspiracy spanned over a half a year ago because of his own political activism. at a letter by camp jail per week, Lahore Rana Sana Ullah stated he was kept in solitary confinement.

Rana president of Punjab Pakistan Muslim league n stated it had been mid-may if he was alerted by means of a well-wisher who had relations from the circles. since nothing has been found where nab or FIA could proceed against you they may frame you somewhere on the road Rana had been advised.together with kidnapping and torture of 2003 bearing in your mind when his mind eyebrows and moustaches were shaved off Rana feared a repeat of the episode.

His response was to boost police safety which had been deputed with him because a campaign has been launched allegations of blasphemy against him. as three months passed with no event that was disagreeable Rana returned to assess whether the danger was over.

However, his answer was in the negative. at the next week of June regional police officer Faisalabad ordered the withdrawal of Rana’s safety.

This is actually the time when efforts were afoot to make divisions inside the PML-N and Rana being president of this party Punjab chapter was in thwarting efforts that are such outspoken. his motion was not contained by him rather hired guards.

A bunch of six Mpa’s of all PML-N came forward to declare defection and it was promised that they will be followed by another 20 lawmakers. rana asked party workers to encircle the homes of defectors alone and took a stand. apparently result was afforded by the strategy.

Their heads altered and appeared to deny changing of loyalties.on the afternoon of arrest Rana was moving from Faisalabad to preside a celebration meeting in Lahore when intercepted by the ANF officials. my driver was forced out and an ANF officer sat in his place. another couple of officials also made their way into the vehicle that was taken to ANF office.

My security guards and I were detained there and the next day presented before the court. there I came to know about the allegations of the recovery of heroin from my vehicle says rana.before that I was neither told about it nor any investigation carried out he wrote in his correspondence. the security guards are currently languishing in prison. unlike claims narcotics minister Shahryar Afridi and dg ANF, no movie was produced regardless of the claim concerning Rana’s entry about narcotics according to the challan. had that been the case either my statement should have been recorded under 164 before the judge or the video should have been played he asserts?

Its been maintained that I have been a part of a narcotics system but no individual of the network that is alleged was made as a witness that he moves on. the ANF officials are watch and complainant equally Rana points his letter written prior to the liability judges transfers he also alleged that regular ANF judge had also been stopped from conducting his case over fears that the judge might take a lenient view against him.

District and sessions judge Masood Arshad was running ANF courtroom for the previous two decades and five months. he still had seven months to complete his three-year tenure. then on July 12, a letter was written to the chief justice of Lahore high court for his transfer on the grounds that the judge’s neutrality was doubtful. he has been stopped from working lest he may grant me the bail. however Rana vows he remains defiant despite hardships.


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