Imran orders recovery plan for 687 sick units


(Islamabad News): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday asked within 60 days on the resurrection of 687 industrial components, as he had been advised by his group which these may be revived beneath the venture. The minister stated that the top priority of the government was to conduct the system investment could increase and businesses could be encouraged.

The meeting was advised there have been a total of 687 components, which might be revived through steps beneath the venture. Imran Khan-led for supplying a study in 60 days on the revival of sick units, seeing reforms and the principles. The minister asked for the participation of private business in the marketing of SMEs.

He explained the simplicity of doing business has to be guaranteed the investors could spend without hesitation or any delay. At the local level, he claimed that little units must be given priority so. He sought a study on the marketing of SMEs within a week. The meeting was advised that the businesses would be awarded tax concessions.

On sale tax regarding the cement and steel business, the minister directed the advisor to become involved with FBR chairman, Naya Pakistan Housing Authority and authorities. The advisor was requested to submit a report next week. The minister emphasised that there could be meetings with his own team along with this’ goal would be to encourage harmony and coherence.


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