Imran Abbas Shows Disappointment About a Latest Pakistani Movie


Imran Abbas saw among Pakistani cinema offerings and isn’t satisfied. At a Facebook article, his thoughts were shared by the celebrity about the film. “Surprised how illogical the story and screenplay could be and that too packaged with pathetic execution, bad cinematography, with ridiculous and cringe-worthy performances of every single actor dressed in shabbiest clothes and crass/gaudy makeup.”Glad I didn’t become a part of this film,” he added. Yikes! Of course, he got a”severe migraine” from whichever movie he saw.

While Abbas remained respectful to the group behind the movie by not showing the name – though he considers it’s simple to work out – that he did finish his notice stating,”this standard of films is pushing away many viewers miles back to the cinema.”We’ve got a sense people have begun figuring out which movie Abbas is currently talking about. We’ve got a couple of guesses of our very own!


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