Impeachment of Donald Trump, How Many Presidents Have Been Impeached?


Since the impeachment battle heads into its third week, President Donald Trump is intensifying his counter-attack against Democrats forcing in his own inner circle. Trump’s dangers and intense mistrust between the parties on Capitol Hill are compelling the thought of the very extreme steps to stay secure a whistleblower who has adopted the law to expose the President’s alleged misuse of power.

Democrats are now making new efforts to keep up the early momentum of the impeachment gambit by flinging new subpoenas in Trump’s government and have partners of his attorney Rudy Giuliani within their sights.

And the President’s GOP allies are being pressured into rhetorical pretzels as they attempt to deal with his crazy swings and false promises on Ukraine while rescuing their own skins.

One Republican, Sen Rob Portman of Ohio, attempted to walk a tightrope on Monday. He said Trump was wrong to inquire Ukraine and China to stunt front Democrat Joe Biden. However, Republicans refused to proceed so far as Portman.

Just a few reacted when over 80 were contacted to inquire if they were worried about Trump’s behaviour. Trump started the week bristling with defiance and insisting he was”not at all worried” a second whistleblower reported Sunday has direct knowledge of the events described from the initial, was talking to attorneys.


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