IHC reserves verdict of a petition accusing PM Khan of contempt


The Islamabad High Court will conduct the hearing of a petition accusing Prime Minister Imran Khan of committing “contempt of court” in his November 18 speech, Today (Nov 26).

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah will hear the petition, filed by Saleemullah Khan, a former police official. In his petition, the former police official said that PM Khan committed “contempt of court” and tried to make the judiciary “controversial” in his November 18 speech.

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Earlier, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khosa on Wednesday (Nov 20) while addressing a gathering in Islamabad strongly reacted to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements on Judiciary and asked him not to taunt the judiciary.

“Do not criticize the judges and taunt us for being powerful. Prime Minister should know that he himself gave permission to someone to travel abroad,” he said. The Chief Justice further stated that those criticizing the judges should act carefully. “We have not differentiated between powerful and weak. The only thing powerful is the law. Do not compare the existing judiciary with the one before 2009,” he said.

It’s worth mentioning here that PM Imran had requested the country’s top judge and his successor to revive the public’s trust in the country’s judicial system. The prime minister said the government had accepted the court’s decision allowing Nawaz to go abroad for treatment but questioned as to who would be responsible for the over 800 prisoners who had died in jails over the past 10 years. Did anyone ever ask how their families were living, he questioned.


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