IHC orders protection for sisters who married by choice


The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday issued directives to provide protection and facilitate the case of two sisters, who married by choice, by transferring them to a shelter home for the time being.

Chief Justice Athar Minullah heard the plea for protection of the two sisters.

One of the sister, Malika Fatima’s husband was imprisoned by the Jirga in Lodhran over the issue of love-marriage.

The court has issued orders to Inspector General (IG) Islamabad police to conduct full investigation in the matter, asking the Super Senior Superintendent (SSP) Islamabad to submit a report on June 10 related to the request for protection of girls.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor told the court that the case belongs to Punjab, therefore, it should be sent to the respective court.

In response to the public prosecutor’s appeal, Justice Minullah said: “If the protection is not being provided in Punjab, should we leave them helpless?”

The court questioned the officials regarding police measures to protect the two sisters. 

The IHC subsequently ordered that both girls should be given adequate medical treatment and shifted to the shelter home while their case proceeds in the court.

If anything happens to girls and their husbands, everyone will be responsible, he added.


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