I Won’t Call Out Any Woman: Eman Suleman On Friend Saheefa Jabbar’s Window Cleaner Joke


Model Eman Suleman who is quite vocal over social issues has said that she will not call out any woman for her actions.

Actress Saboor Aly and model Saheefa Jabbar had come under fire for making fun of a window cleaner at the sets of an upcoming drama.

In a video she posted on her Insta story, Saboor made fun of the window cleaner along with fellow actress Saheefa Jabbar. Naturally social media came out in full, with many criticising the actors for making fun of a person whom she perceived to be doing a “menial” job.

Amid this controversy, social media had demanded Eman Suleman to share her opinion on this classist joke her friend Saheefa Jabbar was a part of.

Sharing her two cents on the incident, Eman said, “Everybody asking me to publicly shame my friend/colleague for her actions, sit down, please.”

She further said, “To my knowledge, I haven’t called out any woman before (maybe once) and I am not going to start now,” adding that she has her number and she does not need to issue a public statement against her.

Saboor while pointing at the window cleaner had said, “Her mother had sent her with big dreams but look what he is doing.”

When she asks for Affan Waheed’s opinion, he says, “Doesn’t matter. He is working hard.”

The person cleaning the window was later confirmed as an associate director for the tv show Saboor was on the sets of and that he was a friend of hers. Taking to Instagram, Saboor said it was an inside joke with the assistant director and that she never made fun of the profession.

As it did not help with the backlash, Saboor and Saheefa posted a video, publicly apologising for their joke. For More News Pakistan News


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