I Will Not Rate Mahira & Mehwish In Acting | Nadia Khan


It truly has been a scintillating week for Lollywood with controversies brewing left, right and center. On one hand, we have some master-plans and faux engagements being uncovered while on the other hand, Firdous Jamal called Mahira Khan a ‘mediocre sort of model’, to the fury of the entire industry. We were still reeling from these issues when another one has reared its head.

What Went Down

On Ahsan Khan’s show, an interesting question was asked. Ahsan asked his guest Nadia Khan to rank some actresses according to their acting prowess. The options included Saba Qamar, Mehwish Hayat, and Mahira Khan.

Nadia Khan replied with, “Saba Qamar, Iqra Aziz, Iqra Aziz”, deeming herself a big fan of Iqra thus taking her name twice instead. She also said that she wouldn’t rate the other two ladies since she does not even consider them actresses.

Why Mahira, Why

While Nadia’s answer was shocking, to put it mildly, Mahira Khan has had controversies circling above her head like pesky bees, for quite some time now.

Not long ago, Yasir Hussain had also said on his Instagram story, that Mahira doesn’t know how to act when asked to choose between her and his beau, Iqra Aziz. Apart from that, the Firdous Jamal controversy is still going pretty strong.

These incidents make us wonder why Mahira’s on everyone’s radar all of a sudden and not in a nice way. For more latest news Pakistan, visit 9newshd.tv


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