Hudaibiya Mills is next in line after the seizure of Benami properties: Ali Zaidi


ISLAMABAD (9Newshd): Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, Ali Zaidi, on Tuesday hinted an action against Hudaibiya Papers Mills in the next phase of ongoing accountability process after the seizure of Benami properties across the country.

Ali Zaidi gave the statement while addressing a press conference alongside Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar and Federal Minister for Revenue Division Hammad Azhar in Islamabad here today.

“The case related to Hudaibiya Mills is also coming under the category of Benami [undisclosed] property.”

Public money was looted through corruption while the money was transferred to foreign countries via money laundering which is the prime reason for the severe financial crisis of the country.

A renowned broker had purchased Rupali Bank, whereas, Summit Bank was also a Benami asset. There is a mafia present in the country which possesses benami money.

“A British newspaper had exposed corruption in quake relief funds. [Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz President] Shehbaz Sharif should be ashamed of looting money provided to help earthquake victims.”

“Revenue Division had seized some Benami [undisclosed] properties on July 2. A Grade-17 officer had handed over 16 properties to the NAB [National Accountability Bureau] through a plea bargain.”

The minister signaled that the case of Hudaibiya Paper Mills is next in line after the seizure of Benami properties.

He further revealed that the properties for Bilawal House were purchased at lesser prices as compared to market rates by threatening owners. “The properties present in the surroundings of Bilawal House are also benami.”

Zaidi vowed that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government will always expose the corruption tactics of [former president] Asif Ali Zardari, [former prime minister] Nawaz Sharif and [former Punjab chief minister] Shehbaz Sharif.

While talking to journalists, the SAPM on Accountability Shahzad Akbar said that the undisclosed companies of Omni Group and Asif Ali Zardari including sugar mills and construction firms were confiscated by the authorities. The number of Benami companies belonging to Asif Ali Zardari is 32 and the firms have assets registered with its names.

Akbar clarified that the undisclosed properties will be auctioned within 60 days if owners of the assets failed to declare it.

The special assistant detailed that the authorities have traced Benami plots in posh areas of Karachi, whereas, the government has commenced freezing Benami shares of Thatta Cement and other companies.

Akbar announced that the process of freezing properties of proclaimed offenders will be commenced soon. He said that the son and son-in-law of Sharif’s family are also offenders who are currently residing in London.

Commenting over the developments in Reko Diq case, Akbar said that the matter will be reviewed thoroughly and those involved in corruption will face court proceedings. He added that the government has constituted a committee to investigate Reko Diq case. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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