How Urooj Fatima Got Chance Of Singing Duet With Ali Zafar


Singer, singer and producer Ali Zafar, whose introduction Pakistani movie Teefa In Trouble introduced to acclaim this past year published a new tune, called Laila O Laila’. Featuring Urooj Fatima out of Balochistan together with him the duet follows the former’s travel and highlights the attractiveness of her state.

The tune is a Balochi melody as well as the music video, taken in Balochistan, includes glimpses of Urooj’s early youth as she discovered singing. While the tune is pleasant and optimistic the splendour of this state is emphasized in the movie.

Urooj, who’s also UNICEF’s adolescent winner, makes her debut. Ali Zafar chose Twitter to talk about the tunes and said, “Today marks the debut of a very talented young singer, the 12-year-old Urooj Fatima from the beautiful Balochistan.

Urooj also shared her gratitude ahead of the launch Laila O Laila’ and tweeted,”Can’t wait more! I am very happy. Thank you Ali Bhai for your support and love. You are an inspiration for me.”


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