How To Spent Shab-E-Barat


Shab e Barat is one of the most celebrated events of Islamic calendar. It is the night of 15th of Shaban when Muslims indulge in prayers and praising of Allah Almighty.
Shab e Barat is celebrated in the mid of Shaban, on the night in between the 14th and 15th of Shaban.

There is a controversy among Muslims on whether to celebrate 15th of Shaban or not. One school of thought says that the night has no or weak proof from hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran, therefore, it should not be celebrated, the other school of thought says on the contrary.

It is regarded as a night when the fortunes of individuals for the coming year are decided and when Allah may forgive sinners. In many regions, this is also a night when prayers are arranged for forgiveness from Allah for one’s deceased ancestors.

Additionally, Twelver Shia Muslims commemorate the birthday of Muhammad al-Mahdi on this date.Salafi streams oppose the recognition of Mid-Sha’ban as exceptional.

People light candles on graves on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat.

The 15th of Sha’ban goes by several names, depending on the country in which it is observed. Most can be categorised into two general meanings:

  • Mid-Sha’ban or Half of Sha’ban. Named after the day’s chronological position in the eighth month of the Islamic calendar:
    • Nisf(u) Sha’ban (Arabic: نصف شعبان‎),
    • Nisfu Syaaban (Malay: نصف شعبان)
    • Nim Sha’ban (Persian: نيم شعبان‎)
  • Bara’at Night. Bara’at is an Arabic noun which is roughly translated to English as either innocence, records, assignment, deliverance or salvation.
    • Laylat al-Bara’at (Arabic: ليلة البراءة‎)
    • Berat Kandili (Turkish: Berâet Kandili)
    • Shab e Baraat (Urdu: شبِ برات‎)
    • Shob-e Borat (Bengali: শবে বরাত )

Some people also fast on the day after the Shab-e-Barat night, while others hand out food and gifts to their neighbours, and the poor.

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