Hospital waste continues to wash ashore on Clifton beach


(Karachi News): Hazardous waste, such as used syringes and test tubes continued to wash ashore on the Clifton beach on Wednesday. When pupils from educational institutions attained the shore and attempted to collect the waste, specialists and press people warned them against cleaning the hotel.

Countless hospital waste and syringes were observable on the shore along the Seaview region even on Wednesday. The waste couldn’t be eliminated by the police though some households and individuals had been spotted roaming the beach barefoot, plus they had been guided by social activists and media people to wear sneakers before coming into the store or store away as the location was strewn with hazardous hospital waste.

The problem was brought into the notice of ordinary people and the police by Shaniera Akram, spouse of former cricket star Wasim Akram, that published pictures and videos of this syringes and other hospital waste littering the shore on Tuesday afternoon, persuasive Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and the surroundings adviser to take note of this circumstance.

The Cantonment Board Clifton and Defence Housing Authority carried out an exercise on precisely the exact same afternoon, however, the situation remained exactly the same. When pupils from various schools and schools were attracted to the shore by some NGOs for cleaning the area, they discovered greater syringes and hospital waste there, by a shopping mall to another stretch of the shore, whereas picnickers were spotted going to the shore without knowing about the existence of needles and syringes from the sand.

When we tried to pick them up, we were asked by some people, including media persons, not to do that as it could be dangerous for us too,” Ayaz Ahmed, a student of 9th course, said while speaking to journalists. Visitors were amazed to find out that there was Section 144 imposed to stop individuals from going to the shore while many also expressed ignorance about the existence of needles and used syringes on the shore, stating no warning signals or individuals had been present there to direct them in this respect.

Meanwhile, Shaniera Akram lasted her tweets concerning the hospital waste littering the shore and stated: “CBC should not be handling this clean up alone. This problem can’t just go away from cleaning the beach we need to go straight to the source of the problem,” she explained in a different tweet.

Shaniera additionally tweeted that provincial surroundings advisor Murtaza should phone her straight” if he really thinks my tweet was negative and there was only a handful of syringes. This is not a time we should be shifting blame, this is a time we need to all come together to do what is right for our city and it’s people”.

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