‘Hitler Modi will have to suffer consequences of the mistake’: Sh Rasheed


(Islamabad News): Pakistani minister for railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Saturday that when India tries to strike Pakistan then it’d be the final war. A rally was addressed by the minister from Indian oppression from Dhir Kot Azad Kashmir also claimed that there would be no choice of conventional war accessible to Pakistan and warned with india.no crops would grow in India in case of an attack on Pakistan he stated adding that the armed forces of Pakistan have been awaiting this day for the past 72 decades.

While strongly condemning Indian unilateral moves in the area resulting in instability Rasheed claimed that the catastrophe of Kashmir has reemerged from the actions of nazi Modi.

The minister expressed hope that together with all the battle of prime minister Imran khan the Kashmir dispute could solve.china is firmly supporting Pakistan the entire nation is standing shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan army he went on to state.

Seeing Indian paramilitary forces atrocities human rights violations and humanitarian catastrophe in the Himalayan region the ministry summarized that curfew was enforced for the previous twenty times by Modi-led Hindu nationalist Indian authorities.there is a shortage of food and medicines [in the region] he explained.another rally has been completed in Dera Bugti to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren.


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