Pakistan expresses concern over sale of US Harpoon missiles to India


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office on Friday expressed its concern over sale of Harpoon Block II Air Launched Missiles from United States to India.

During a weekly briefing at the Foreign Office, the Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said that the sale of such missile systems, along with technical assistance and logistic support at the time when there is a global effort to fight the pandemic is particularly disturbing.

She said that Pakistan has articulated its concerns regarding the sale of sophisticated weapons to India which would further destabilize the region.

“Pakistan has alerted the international community many times about India’s aggressive designs not only towards Pakistan but also towards other neighboring countries in South Asia.”

She said that sale of the weapons would destabilize the already volatile situation in South Asia. There is a high possibility of India conducting a false flag operation while global efforts are directed towards combating the pandemic, the foreign office said.

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Pointing out towards cease fire violations from neighbouring arch rival, the foreign office spokesperson said that Indian forces committed over 765 ceasefire violations resulting in martyrdom of three civilians as well as serious injuries to 54 innocent civilians.

“In 2019, India violated the ceasefire agreement 3351 times,”she said adding that Pakistan continues to respond to Indian belligerence in a firm and responsible manner.

Aisha Farooqui while rejecting a US Commission’s report on denial of food aid to minorities and said that it was not based on facts and seems to have relied on inaccurate sources.

“Under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme, which is the official social protection programme, every eligible citizen has an equal opportunity to seek financial assistance,” she said and added that out of the 6.5 million beneficiaries that have received cash assistance in Category-I, 400,000 (6.15 percent) are non-Muslims.

She further said that India had to ensure bringing an end to illegal occupation of the Kashmir. “We are committed to hold any meaningful talks with India on resolution of Kashmir dispute,” he said.


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