Haris’s health worsens after physiotherapy at the hospital


KARACHI: The health condition of Haris Fatah Somroo, the boy who had suffered bullet wounds while resisting Dua Mangi abduction bid, has worsened after physiotherapy at a private hospital in Karachi.

His family confirmed that Haris’s health condition is deteriorated and he is being provided oxygen. They said that the doctors had performed surgery at Hari’s, taking out a bullet from his body yesterday. The operation had lasted for one hour and the doctors had succeeded in taking out a bullet from his body.

The family had said that the doctors treating the boy had expressed concern that his lower body segment might suffer from the bullet wounds.

Earlier on December 6, an eye-witness, Haris, who had been wounded by bullet shot of kidnappers while saving Dua Mangi, had recorded his initial statement before the police investigators.

Sources had said that Haris had recorded his initial statement before the investigators where he had identified the vehicle from CCTV footage of the Dua Mangi kidnap incident.


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