Hamza Ali Abbasi Wedding Is Not To Discuss More Says Ushna Shah


The wedding is currently going viral online and individuals have mixed response. hamza whos very vocal about his professional and private life on media has made any statement about his marriage. folks are divided that if there’s an authentication relating to this news or it is just another rumour.

The Waar celebrity was trending on twitter and lovers are perplexed yet enthused. the images concerning the duo have already been surfaced on the net since the news broke.

No one noticed any chemistry between the two although they are sometimes observed together on different events before.aside from acting Naimal is an artist hamza revealed up in Naimals art exhibition and accompanied her in Yasir Hussain’s theatre play Naach Na Jaane.

Why is everyone concerned about how he declared it even if you don’t want to ignore it and keep 23 she explained. she explained Kashmir issue and amazon rainforest fire are problems and needs that our concern.

Well, we will need to perform constantly to criticism it become a part and parcel of an individuals life and they can not live without criticising. we imply if he is performing marriage and composed notes and voiced his views. it shouldn’t bother you unless you’re his life enemy if you are not his lover or friend or family.

Ushna shah constantly stand up without caring for the others to your best her tweets are savage when it concerns haters and the problems. we respect and love.


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