Pakistan’s musical prodigy Hadiya Hashmi leaves Sonu Nigam in tears with ‘Bol Hu’

Hadiya Hashmi leaves Sonu Nigam

Pakistan’s shining star, Hadiya Hashmi who left the country mesmerized with her melodious vocals has now caught the attention of Indian music mogul Sonu Nigam.

The eight-year-old prodigy’s rendition of Bol Hu sung for Nescafe Basement along with Soch the band, brought the Indian singer to tears, as shared by him in a vlog.

The video shared on his social media features him extolling the young vocal powerhouse, as he went on to enthuse over her, saying: “It’s been a while since anything has touched my soul like this! What a song, what lyrics, what composition! Wah! Soch the band, kya soch hai!”

“I did not imagine that to this date, there would be a song that could have the potential to make you cry a river,” he said.

Soch thanked the music icon for his praises, saying: “We have grown up following you and listening to your music so it’s like a dream come true for us. Thank you, Sonu Sir! It is always gratifying and nice to hear something heartfelt like this from a fellow artist across the border.”

Pakistani singer and producer of Nescafe Basement, Xulfi was also filled with gratitude for the Indian Idol judge as he turned to his social media and shared a video in which he said: “I just saw Sonu Nigam’s video on Bol Hu and I thought it only made sense that I express my gratitude in a similar manner. I don’t only have one thing to thank him for, there are multiple things. The first thing I would want to thank him for is the way his reaction must have elated the spirits of Adnan, Rabi and Hadia. There’s no comparison to that. They would want to work even more seriously towards their dreams. God has given you a gift; do not let it go to waste.”


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