Grand Health Alliance threatens to strike in Sindh


KARACHI: The Grand Health Alliance (GHA) has announced to observe strike in Sindh in favor of their demands.

Dr Mehboob of GHA has presented 13-point demands to the Sindh government and has threatened to observe token strike across the province from June 8 in case of failure to meet their demands.

Holding the provincial Health Department responsible for the acceptance of their demands, Dr. Mehboob went to say that they will observe a complete strike from June 11.

Expressing concerns over the increasing number of COVID-19 cases across Sindh, doctors on Wednesday had demanded of the provincial government to impose health emergency.

Addressing a joint press conference, former president of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PEMA) Dr. Misbahul Aziz said that a sharp increase in coronavirus cases has been witnessed after the Eidul-Fitr.

He had maintained that over 1,600 have succumbed to the virus thus far, adding that over 80,000 people were diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the province.

Out of the total COVID-19 patients, 34 per cent belonged to Karachi, Misbahul Aziz said and added that in view of the alarming situation, they demanded of the Sindh government to declare a health emergency.

On the occasion, representatives of the Young Doctors Association, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, and others also addressed the press conference.


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