Govt slaps ban on new jobs, purchase of vehicles


(Islamabad News): The PTI-led authorities have slapped a ban on the cost of all kinds of vehicles production of new articles utilities paying supply of a single paper and other costs at a minimum so as to guarantee compliance with austerity drive throughout the year.

The budget deficit that is rising is a major area of concern to the authorities under the IMF programme and the government has chosen to demonstrate its political will to curtail the cost side.

The austerity effort had failed to yield any positive results throughout the financial year 2018-19when the funding deficit escalated into complete figures throughout the first-year rule of the pti-led regime. Although the authorities had slapped a ban on the supply of refreshment like biscuits or tea throughout the meeting which annoyed the bureaucrats. some meetings lasted to go for hours a daily foundation so it generated a problem particularly who are suffering or diabetes from sickness.but based on office memorandum om issued by ministry of finance on Friday due to Fiscal constraints the competent jurisdiction is very happy to enforce austerity measures throughout the fiscal year 2019-20 with instant effect:- i there is going to be a comprehensive ban on cost of all sorts of vehicles excluding motorcycles equally for present and development cost. ii creation of new articles will be prohibited except those needed for growth projects and accepted by the competent authority. iii entitlement of periodical magazines papers etc of qualified officers will stay limited to just one. iv principal accounting officers PAOS will guarantee rationalised usefulness intake i.e. power gas phone water and the cost on purchase of resources maintenance repair and another operational cost shall be held in a bare minimum level whilst staying inside the budgetary allocation for the year.

To appeal to the needs of this ministries/divisions/departments/organisations that the authority is very happy to compose an austerity committee containing officers to reassess the proposals that are important inevitable and crucial in regard to the order of vehicles/creation of articles.

All ministries/divisions are asked to disseminate the directions under their control for compliance to all sections.


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