Government has no policy to tackle coronavirus spread: Ahsan Iqbal


The government has failed to make any policy to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. It has been three months and people still don’t know what the government is doing to control the virus, said PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal on Friday.

“Virus cases are going up and the government has decided to lift the lockdown,” he said while taking the floor of the National Assembly. The government shouldn’t pass the blame for its failure onto national institutions, he said, adding that this was the perfect time for Imran Khan to show his leadership skills and why is he the prime minister.

But he didn’t do anything for the people, lamented Iqbal. The government should’ve worked on uniting people. The PM should’ve met the opposition parties or federating units, at least. “Look at the way they treated the Sindh government.”

In March, the World Health Organization said that COVID-19 is a pandemic. The opposition leaders even submitted a call to attention notice on it. But the PTI leaders were more interested in the empty apartments at Parliament Lodges, said Iqbal. The National Assembly was in session during that time and the government should’ve given us all a copy of their policy on the coronavirus so that we could’ve discussed it, he said.

“Does this government have any economic, industrial, agricultural, foreign or security policy? The only thing they seem to be doing it allotting ministries to their supporters. This is embarrassing, to say the least,” Iqbal added.

The PML-N leader submitted in parliament a 2019 WHO report on polio eradication in Pakistan. He claimed that polio was on verge of eradication in 2018 but it all changed when the PTI took over.

“There is no coherent vision or unified strategy at national or provincial levels, the one-team approach is in disarray, trust among institutions and individuals must be rebuilt focusing on the core goal of eradication and not using the polio programme as a political football,” he said while reading out the report.

“The government is treating the coronavirus the same, like a political football,” he added.


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