Gohar Rasheed Started His Career By Dancing On Mehndi


If it comes to Gohar Rashid, he’s counted among the most Pakistani celebrities that are famous for its characters. He’s widely considered a gifted performer who has worked in films in addition to dramas. But do you understand Gohar Rashid began his career? The celebrity himself made many revelations in a series in this respect.

Gohar Rasheed and celebrity Kubra Khan appeared on Ahsan Khan’s series.Meanwhile, Ahsan Khan asked concerning the start of Gohar Rashid’s profession when he shared with an incident. Gohar Rasheed stated, “At a wedding in 2006, I danced on behalf of the girl’s side.

Ahsan Khan laughed saying,’It was just Gohar’s audition, he was the best dancer’. Ahsan Khan also stated that people in the media sector come because they need to be popular as personalities, but Gohar is. Gohar stated, “It is disappointing that most people come to the industry to gain popularity or make money, but there are very few who come to improve their work”.Bear in mind the Gohar Rashid’s first play’ Daddy’ came out in 2010, and he worked such as’Aiteraaz’ and Mann Mayal’.In addition, he acted in movies such as as’I Am Shahid Afridi’,’021′ and’Rangreza’.


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