Ghani decries forming of yet another committee for city’s issues


(Karachi News): Sindh’s information minister has stated that the forming of another committee by Prime Minister Imran Khan to solve Karachi’s problems won’t help until the national government demonstrates its seriousness by instantly releasing the Rs162 billion which has been the premier’s guaranteed improvement package for the town.

A statement issued Monday lent Saeed Ghani stating this in response to the ministry of a committee led by Federal Law Minister Dr Farogh Naseem to invent a plan of actions to solve the problems of the town.

The Frontier Works Organisation director-general, Federal Planning & Development Minister Khusro Bakhtiar, Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi and other Karachi-based lawmakers have been appointed members of their committee. In his response to the PM’s movement, Ghani said the Sindh government will invest $1.9 billion around the town’s growth in cooperation with the World Bank. He explained the water distribution and sewerage system of the city will likely be overhauled under precisely the plan.

He reiterated his stance that Zaidi had established a campaign from concern for both Karachi, but a few million tonnes of waste was dumped onto the roadsides, at the parks and playgrounds and about the roads of the town. The information minister said this to establish their sincerity and compassion towards Karachi, the PM and his cabinet members must make sure that Rs162 billion is supplied to the town as the development bundle that was guaranteed.

He said the Sindh government will begin work on two parts of this bus rapid transit project: the Red Line and the Yellow Line. He added that the government will invest Rs22 billion from the current year on healthcare providers for the people of Karachi.

He required that PM Khan sanction a cusec for the town and do it against Zaidi for littering. In this fashion, the highest will establish his sympathies for Karachi’s people. During his trip to the Nishtar Park, at which the fundamental congregation of 9th Muharram was maintained, Ghani maintained the very same troublemakers who’d caused a civic wreck in town had filled gunny bags in sewerage lines throughout the sacred times of Muharram to create sympathy for its mourners.

He added that the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board was arranged to take emergency steps to clean the drains and sewers the mourners were spared from the issue during Muharram. Dr Naseem told the press the Karachi Strategic Committee will include 12 Karachi-based legislators: six each from the PTI and the MQM-Pakistan.

He explained the committee will provide recommendations to solve the administrative issues of the city. He added that one of the other problems, resolving the issue of waste and issues that were associated ought to be the focus. The law ministry said that a solution has to be utilized from the town and also for disposing of their garbage at the landfill websites that were.

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