Funds being wasted at Mohenjo Daro: archeologists

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Archeologists have promised the funding supported by the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization UNESCO and other donor agencies such as its developmental work in the world-renowned heritage website Moen jo-Daro were wasted because of the incompetence of the government concerned.

Scholar and politician Jagdish Ahuja explained that extremism had twisted Sindh’s identity. but he stated he harboured hopes that were great with sindhs new creation whom he thought would have the ability to revive the culture of the province.

He considered in the face of increasing intolerance Sindhs civilization had been able to remain mostly secular.famous archaeologist prof dr ghulam mustafa shar explained that although rs30 crore funding drinking water facilities hadnt been supplied for vacationers in the world heritage website.

He explained that the region of mohenjo daro that was spread into two to five hive were encroached upon incorporating that paddy was sown on mohenjo daro region after drain was constructed by UNESCO to empty outside water. in addition he said girls of households took bracelets away in the mohenjo daro museum along with artefacts had been stolen out there.

Talking about the civilization of mohenjo daro dr shar explained that 18 out of 26 alphabet letters of the english language was borrowed out of your mohenjo daro language.the seminar was accompanied by a dramadoolah darya khan that garnered enormous applause from the crowd.

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