Former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram to make acting debut with Money Back Guarantee


Hailed as the quick bowler of all times, former Pakistani cricketer turned mentor and commentator, Wasim Akram is likely to try his hand. According to sources, he’s signed on advertisement filmmaker and sitcom manager Faisal Qureshi’s debut feature, titled Money Back Guarantee.

The two Qureshi and Akram have worked together on a range of TV advertisements. In what should be referred to as a coup of sorts, Qureshi has roped in heartthrob Fawad Khan to play with the lead. The list of actors for looks that are special is not as striking with Akram’s spouse Shaneira has given the nod for a guest character. The manufacturers are hoping to strategy Mahira Khan to get a particular look.

The’Raees’ woman who lately cameoed at Asim Raza’s blockbuster party Hut Love’ and, a couple of decades before, at Nabeel Qureshi’s’Actor In Law’, has been considered to incorporate celebrity value.MBG is reportedly a laugh riot, at the genre of humour. It’s scripted by Qureshi, who’s famous for the TV series,’Teen Bata Teen’, along with the gags in Ufone ad effort.

Qureshi will act in the film. Shoot starts in November, in Karachi, on the places that are being designed. Team MBG is expected to fly to Thailand for its spell. Sources show that Akram has a part in the movie — he and nemesis play into Fawad Khan’s hero. There is A bank robbery a part of this scheme. What is much more intriguing is that the women in the movie and love attention do play with to some of their leads.


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