Fog affects PIA flight operations at Lahore airport


LAHORE: The flight schedule of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) at Allama Iqbal International Airport remained affected due to heavy fog in adjoining areas of the airport.

According to a PIA spokesman, the flight schedule was affected due to heavy fog and the domestic flight’s schedule was affected due to low visibility. The flight scheduled to land at the Lahore airport from Dammam was diverted to the Islamabad airport due to a dog.

Lahore to Islamabad bound flight PK-8385 and Karachi bound flights PK-316 and PK-313 from Lahore were canceled due to dense fog.

The spokesman asked the passengers to register their numbers with the authorities in the ticket booking section so that they could be informed regarding any delays.

On November 21, air pollution in the shape of smog engulfed Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport forcing diversion of three flights to Islamabad.

According to airport sources, flight number QR 628 from Doha to Lahore was diverted to Islamabad airport due to poor visibility caused by intense smog.

The flights from Dammam and Urumqi were also diverted towards Islamabad from Lahore for the same reason.

Moreover, flight number PK 650 from Islamabad to Lahore was stopped from taking off, while flight number SV 735 from Jeddah to Lahore also facing delay due to the visibility problems caused by smog.


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