FM Qureshi discusses Kashmir matter with NZ’s deputy PM Winston Peters


(Islamabad News): During the dialogue, the ministry advised the NZ deputy pm that Indian movement to refuse exclusive condition of the valley is directly contrary to the settlements of united nations un he urged the global community to play part in solving the issue stating that India would like to alter the demography of active Kashmir through devious approaches.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated that the unarmed people of occupied Kashmir are confronting curfew that has resulted in a shortage of drugs and food there. expressing concern over the situation in Kashmir the New Zealand deputy prime minister stated the circumstance is being carefully observed by us.

He said new Zealand is currently getting advice regarding occupied Kashmir in the Kashmiri community in new Zealand along with his nation will keep on enjoying with its function. earlier foreign minister Qureshi within an additional letter to the president of the un security council had encouraged his focus to the continuation of upsetting developments involving the dire humanitarian situation as a consequence of overall lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir along with the health dangers to security and peace in South Asia.

In addition, he emphasized India s belligerent and reckless rhetoric about the matter.the minister suggested to the security council for decreasing the number of united nations military observer group in India and Pakistan and advocating India allowing one to patrol on either side of the loc too.


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