Fire rages on at Rawalpindi ghee warehouse 18 hours on


A fire that erupted at a Rawalpindi ware house on Tuesday continued to rage Wednesday morning.

Rescue efforts have been under way for 18 hours. Over 100 firefighters are at the scene and fire trucks from all over Rawalpindi were called to battle the blaze.

It erupted at a ghee warehouse on Kalyam Road. The fire spread to a four-kanal area but much of it has been extinguished.

Two rescue workers were injured and given first aid at the scene. No other injuries or casualties have been reported yet.

Pakistan Army helicopters were called to the scene on Tuesday to aid in the rescue efforts.

Sections of the building have collapsed as well.

Officials at the scene say they need to extinguish the fire and begin the cooling process before they can ascertain how the fire broke out and the extent of the damage.


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