FIA official to face the music over offloading Umrah passenger from a plane


PESHAWAR: In yet another incident recently at the Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar, a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official allegedly misbehaved with a passenger traveling to perform Umrah.

According to details, the passenger, who was traveling to Jeddah, was initially stopped at the airport’s immigration counter after the officials claimed that his age written at the documents was not correct.

He was later off-loaded from an international airlines’ plane by an FIA personnel for fabricating his age in the documents. This led to a verbal brawl between the two, forcing the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to intervene in the matter.

During scrutiny from the CAA officials, no anomaly was found in the age written in his documents.

The assistant director FIA has ordered action against the personnel involved in off-loading an Umrah passenger. The sources said that the passenger would board a second flight to leave for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

On January 04, a Pakistani scientist was left flabbergasted when his passport was ripped by the immigration staff at the Multan airport merely over coughing without covering his mouth.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken notice of the incident that took place last year on Dec 19.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) launched a probe into the incident and summoned surveillance footage of the Multan airport to ascertain the facts.

Enraged at this act of the immigration staff, Dr. Faisal posted details of how the incident panned out on social networking sites to draw the attention of higher officials to the misdemeanor.

He said he along with his family members had returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah.


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