Documentary Film “The World Of Pakistan Wrestling” To Be Released In Jan, 2020


The Documentary film titled “The World of Pakistan Wrestling” starring many big Names in the Pakistan ‘Kushti’ and ‘Kabbadi’ would be released in first week of January, 2020.

The documentary film tries to examine the wrestling scene in Pakistan also critically comprehend the rise and fall of the great sport, what elements are required for the sport to revive in Pakistan.

The documentary film was produced and Directed by Zain Khan, starring world renowned wrestlers including Jonny Loquaso (WWE) Tiny Iron, Benard Vandamme, Bhalu Pehalwaan and Nigel Rabid.

Producer and Director of the Documentary Film Zain Khan told APP that film would be released in January 2020, adding that the film would be screened at Dubai Film Festival and New Zealand Film Festival.

He said that film would also be screened at Lahore Press Club and National Press Club, Islamabad.

The documentary film was aimed to discover the revival of one of the most celebrated sport in Pakistan.

Wrestling has always been an important sport in Pakistan, with regular tournaments played locally. It has seen Pakistan win medals at international games, such as Muhammad Akhtar, a 3-time gold medalist in 2007.

Gama Pehalwan was an undefeated World Wrestling Champion from Pakistan. Gama Pahalwan’s nephew Bholu Pehlawan also represented Pakistan in wrestling. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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