Did Khalilur Rehman Qamar call Adnan Malik a ‘hijra’?


By now, Khalilur Rehman Qamar (KRQ) is no stranger to spewing incriminating words on national television. However, it seems like this time, he may have taken it too far by allegedly using the slur hijra for actor Adnan Malik.

In a snippet from the complete show, the Sadqay Tumhare writer appeared to be in a press conference. By the looks of it, he aimed to further his stance about the ongoing controversy around his earlier, explosive statements.

Through the course of it, he delved into using gendered slurs – at one point saying that the entertainment industry has been infiltrated by ‘hijra’, by which he means transgenders as an insult. He then mentioned how he once made a mistake of casting ‘hijra’ to play him in a drama serial – and we all know who that was.

“Humaray yahan, badqismati se, hijron ki aik fouj agyi hai. Usne meri industry ka bera garak kardia. Unmai se app kuch hijro ko hero ke roop mai bhi dekh sakte hain. (Unfortunately, an army of transgenders has infiltrated the industry and ruined it. You can also see some of these as heroes.)” he said.

One would think that this would be enough of verbal diarrhea but it wasn’t. He went on to say, “Mai apne dramo mai cast karne se pehle baqaida check karta hun ke hijra tou nahi hai (Before casting anyone in my dramas, I make sure to check that they aren’t transgender.)”

Aik galti mujsey bhi hogyi. Apney hi role mai, Khalil ke role mai, maine aik hijre ko cast karlia. (I made a mistake though. I chose a transgender to play my role),” he finished.

Although he did not explicitly name Adnan, the jibe is clear. Adnan played Khalil in the serial Sadqay Tumhare, which was a role based on KRQ himself.

This outburst may be in response to Adnan’s tweet about his feelings on playing KRQ in the drama serial in the wake of KRQ abusing a woman on national TV. Not to mention, his support for the women empowerment movement, which KRQ is vehemently opposed to.

Actor Armeena Khan took to her Twitter to slam the latest incriminatory words from KRQ, writing, “‘Hijras’ are some of the most marginalized, persecuted members of society. We are all Allah’s creations and he’s ridiculing His creation.”

Ushna Shah also tweeted an explanation of why using gendered slurs is not okay. “A real man is one who has all the attributes of what a man should be. An incel coward can never be a real man,” she tweeted.

Adnan Malik has yet to respond or react.


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