Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri Reinstated As Court Overturns Disqualification


National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri was reinstated following the Supreme Court suspended an election tribunal’s verdict. His membership was nullified after the tribunal arranged and ruled that there was massive rigging in his constituency He had filed an application in the court against the verdict of the tribunal on October 1.

Suri had contended that the tribunal didn’t review the evidence adding his disqualification verdict ought to be declared void and null.BNP’s Nawabzada Raisani had contested the success of BAP’s Suri.

The ECP assessed the votes cast in the region and wasn’t able to verify the 52,756 votes. Votes had erroneous CNIC amounts and in certain votes, the CNIC amount was used multiple times.

Suri had won the election while Raisani had obtained 20,394 votes, according to the Election Commission. The body had refused a total of 3,422 votes from the constituency.


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