Coronavirus Outbreak: Around 200 Pakistanis stranded at Urumqi airport


URUMQI: Around 200 Pakistani nationals are stranded at Urumqi airport in China’s Xinjiang region for past three days amid raging Coronavirus outbreak in the country, according to reports.

Pakistani citizens on the foreign land facing hardships after spending all their money required for boarding and lodging.

The stranded Pakistanis include doctors, students, scholars and other professionals also accompanied family members, are staying at roads in Urumqi and have appealed the government authorities and Prime Minister Imran Khan for help in their time of need.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said on Wednesday that four Pakistani students in China were infected with Coronavirus who are now in good health.

Dr Zafar Mirza, while talking to journalists, said more or less 30,000 students are currently present in China and four among them were infected with the coronavirus. He ensured the families of all Pakistani students currently residing in China for the academic purpose for the provision of best healthcare facilities.

Scores of Pakistani students who are stuck in Wuhan, in a video message, appealed to the government to make arrangements for bringing them back home.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million and the epicentre of the virus outbreak in central China, is already in virtual lockdown and severe limits on movement are in place in several other Chinese cities.

Coronavirus has no special symptoms which help the physicians to detect it as it transforms into pneumonia. The disease is being transferred to humans from animals and now it is spreading from human contact.

A person who is suffering from headache, cough and respiratory problems could be infected from the mystery virus that had been detected in China on January 7. Over 6052 persons including 99 per cent from China have been detected with the virus so far, however, the mortality rate is recorded 3 per cent deaths from the virus, whereas, 97 per cent of the affectees have recovered.


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