65 more coronavirus deaths take Pakistan’s toll to 5,123

coronavirus deaths take Pakistan

Lahore: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases surged to 246,351 in Pakistan on Saturday, while the death toll stands at 5123.

According to National Command and Control Center (NCOC), more than 3,359 cases of coronavirus were reported while 65 people succumbed to the disease in the last 24 hours.

As many as 149,092 patients have recovered from the disease, while the country is still witnessing a consistent rise in the COVID-19 cases.

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After sharp increase in the cases, the number of patients swelled to 85,991 in the province. The province reported 1955 coronavirus (COVID-19) causalities.

A partial lockdown has been imposed across the province to stem the spread of the infection.

The government has also launched Insaf Imdad Program to help poor segment of society in the difficult times.


The province has started easing lockdown restriction as it has allowed some industries to resume operations.

The cases of infection have surged to 102,368 in the province, the most affected region in Pakistan.The death toll has reached to 1637 in the province.


There are 11,128 confirmed cases while 124 patients died of the infection so far.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The confirmed cases have surged to 29,775 in the province. It is leading other regions with more causalities as toll has surged to 1045 in KPK.

AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan

There are 1,630 coronavirus cases in the GB while 32 patients including a young doctor have died due to the infection. As many as 995 people have recovered from the infection.

There are 1,532 cases in AJK while 40 death has been reported.


There are 13,927 cases in the capital city while 140 people have lost their lives. Around 5000 patients have recovered so far.


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