Corbyn Warns British People Of BJP’s Attempt To Spread Hate In UK’s Politics


The Labour party leader urges people to make wise choices in upcoming general elections

LONDON: (Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Nov 23rd, 2019) Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour Party, has urged the British people to make a wise decision while choosing their leaders after he told that an Indian group was running a campaign against his party for raising the issue of Occupied Kashmir.

Corbyn said that people should consider manifestos and policies of political parties rather than communal politics of divisions.

He expressed these views during a press talk on Friday afternoon. Answering a question regarding a malicious campaign against Labour Party by a group of supporters of India’s ruling Bhartiya Janata Party, Corbyn asked the people to make “wise choices”.

Earlier this year, Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) group ran a campaign against Labour party and openly attacked about 50 Labour MPs for supporting the people of Kashmir, and urged British Indians to vote for Conservative Party.

Corbyn hoped that the people would make their decisions about voting based on policies.

“People will cast votes on the basis of what is going to happen to their lives and the communities where they are living if Labour or conservatives are elected but they should also take this decision on the basis of government’s stance at the world stage,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

“I believe in politics that helps in bringing people to unity and not in that politics which just divide the people,” he further said.

He told the reporters that his party always supported education and housing. “I just hope that the people will see our manifesto rather as we are bringing investment in education and housing. During his talk, he also expressed his concerns about the rise of hate crimes in the country in general and about Islamaphobia in particular nowadays. He said such incidents were “disgusting and “disgraceful”. Corbyn said that his party would tackle the issue of Islamophobia as well as rises in anti-Semitic attacks and hate crimes across the country.

Jeremy Corbyn also talked about violations of human rights in Occupied Kashmir saying that both Pakistan and India should resolve the issue peacefully.

“The issue has to be addressed by both India and Pakistan. It has to be addressed on the basis of the rights of all of the people that live within Kashmir in order to bring about long-term sustainable peace,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

Britain is going to hold general elections on Dec 12 this year while Labour party fielded 53 % female candidates first time in the country’s history for upcoming elections.


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