Celebrities urge people to collect food for daily wage earners


Owing to the recent lockdown announcement with surplus organizations practicing work from home without deducting salaries, popular actor Mansha Pasha is urging people to treat daily wage workers the same way.

Turns out the initiative was started by popular designer Nomi Ansari and actor Anoushey Ashraf.

The designer wrote on his Facebook, “Anoushey Ashraf and I are looking for people working on daily wages and suffering because of lack of work at the moment, only due to the virus. I’m making ration bags for a month, for a family of up to six. If you know anyone, please let me know.”

Nomi Ansari

Following this, his initiative was joined by Pasha along with Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) and Ali Rehman Khan.

Nomi Ansari 2

He then updated another status detailing the breakdown of all the expenditure to make one pack of ration, inviting those who would want to contribute to their cause. He said, “We’ve ordered 50 packets to be distributed as of now. If anyone would like to contribute as much or as little as they can, drop the money off to Anoushey Ashraf or me!”

He then added to assure his followers that, “Thanks so much for your response, we’re looking at the Robin Hood Army and ACF for now so there’s not too much confusion about where the ration bags go. It has to get to people suffering due to a lack of daily wages! Bless you, all.”

The Laal Kabootar star took to Twitter to explain how the daily wage workers would be affected amid the coronavirus lockdown. She went on to request her followers to start similar initiatives to help collect ration for people who wouldn’t be getting paid during this time.

“Some of us within the industry have started a group to contribute money to help make packets for daily wage workers that will be left without an income in the coming weeks,” informed Pasha.

“The packets will contain some essential items, food, tea, soap, etc. Please think of all the daily wage workers around you. Please pay your house help their wages even if they aren’t coming in” she added.

“Educate the people around you on how to wash their hands, give them a sanitized to use a few times a day. Do your bit since some are depending on your help to get through this”

In another tweet, she added, “Those asking me how they can contribute – please take the initiative and make a group consisting of friends, family, community members. Create your own ration packs and donate to The Orange Tree Foundation and Robin Hood Army”

The star also shared similar messages on her Instagram stories to reach as many people as possible.


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