CAA releases new advisory after the resumption of international flights operation


KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a new advisory after making the announcement for the resumption of the international flight operation in Pakistan.

The revised regulations will remain into effect from June 20 to July 31 in which the law of ‘home isolation’ of the passengers returning to the country was retained. The passengers, who were tested negative for the coronavirus, will be allowed to spend 14 days in isolation at their residences instead of staying at a hotel or government’s quarantine facility.

Those tested positive for COVID-19 or having symptoms of the virus will be restricted to complete isolation period in the prescribed quarantine facility, whereas, such passengers will also be disallowed to travel to other provinces.

CAA advisory international flight operation

The set of regulations was released by the CAA’s director air transport which will be applied on all commercial and private aircraft. Moreover, the aviation authority will approve the schedule of the flights in order to ensure sufficient separation between arrival and departures of the passengers under health protocols adopted to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

It is declared mandatory for the airlines to submit the certificate of implementing disinfectant procedures before the plane takes flight. The airlines have also been directed to maintain sufficient stock of personal protection equipment in the aircraft.

CAA advisory international flight operation

The crew members of the aircraft and passengers were also advised to ensure following the personal protection measures and social distancing.The airlines were also ordered to provide pictures of the casting plan of the passengers during flights, whereas, the condition was also retained for the submission of health declaration form of all travellers.

CAA advisory international flight operation

The passengers’ luggage will go through a disinfectant procedure after the plane lands at the airport.All passengers and crew members of the flight will undergo screening process through automatic scanners at the country’s airports. The coronavirus tests of the cabin crew arriving the country from the foreign countries will be conducted on a priority basis, the notification read.

CAA advisory international flight operation

Earlier in the day, the Government of Pakistan has announced the resumption of full-scale international flight operation from all airports of the country, ARY News reported on Friday.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) notified the resumption of international flight operation in Pakistan as the NOTAM read that all international passengers and chartered flights will be authorised to operate to and from all airports except Gwadar and Turbat.The latest decision will come into effect from Friday night.

CAA advisory international flight operation
CAA advisory international flight operation


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