Brilliant Speech of Imran Khan Giving Message to Narendra Modi


(Muzaffarabad News): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said atrocities by India against Kashmiris will boost extremism. The prime minister asked the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), that had been not able to cross the Line of Control (LoC) towards the Indian side, to wait until his next telephone and till he battled the Kashmiris case in the approaching session of the United Nations General Assembly. He said he’ll fight with the event of Kashmiris from the UNGA.

“Many of you want to cross the LoC, but wait till I ask you to move forward and until I tell the world the horrific story of oppression in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK),” he informed a massive public gathering in the Khurshid Hassan Khurshid Stadium at the AJK capital. Participants of this gathering responded with rousing slogans in favour of the Kashmiri brethren on the opposite side of the LoC since the minister.

The gathering attracted individuals from all walks of life about the phone of Prime Minister Imran Khan to express solidarity with the people of IOK from the occupation forces about the day of the siege. The minister stated ambassador of Kashmir, he would approach each and every international forum to highlight the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the IOK in the wake of continuous lockdown.

“Kashmir has come to be an individual dilemma in which people, older and even children are suffering in the hands of Indian occupation forces all of the time,” he said. Imran Khan said he wanted to give a clear message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that”just a coward man could oppress the people this way”. “A Muslim is not fearful of death and struggles until the last breath,” he said, adding that the Kashmiris;’ resilience would prove since the final nail in the coffin of Indian oppressive country coverages.

He said that atrocities were top the Kashmiri youth towards radicalisation, for he cautioned the global community to prevent India from violence. The prime minister said that because of the Pakistan government’s efforts, the international organisations, such as the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other human rights watch groups had shot up the Kashmir issue. He stated four US senators had written a letter to President Donald Trump to take note of human rights violations and curfew in IOK.

He expressed disappointment that the entire world isn’t currently talking on Kashmir at the manner in.AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider stated while addressing the rally which Kashmiris will continue their struggle until the realisation of the right. He said it’s the month of Muharram and also the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) instructs us that we shouldn’t scale from the tyranny. The AJK PM said people of Azad Kashmir are decided to cross LoC to meet up their oppressed brothers and sisters in IOK.

He said Pakistani authorities shouldn’t be duped by the supply of talks by India, as New Delhi will use these to reinforce its own status quo in IOK. He explained after the actions taken by India, Simla Agreement is now immaterial. Raja Farooq Haider stated Kashmiris on either side of Line of Control are all currently appearing towards Pakistan as their saviour. He appreciated the actions taken by authorities of Pakistan following the actions of India to alter the status quo in IOK on 5th of the month.

He said that a global conference on Kashmir will be held to highlight the oppression of India on innocent Kashmiris.Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated Prime Minister Imran Khan is the voice of Pakistan, Kashmiris and the Parliament about the Dilemma of Kashmir during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27. Talking on the floor of the National Assembly, he said Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) authorities had effectively taken up the Kashmir problem throughout the world.

He said as many as 58 countries throughout the assembly of the UN Human Rights Council supported the Pakistan position on Kashmir issue. He said India had to face embarrassment at different forums such as the UN Security Council during conversation Kashmir issue. He stated the European Union and the announcement of 58 countries in the UN Council cited Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. He said India was on the defensive but looked to exploit any type of scenario in Pakistan.

The minister said India continued with its communication and curfew remained levied in IOK. Meanwhile, the Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed warned India not to confuse the market of Pakistan, which might be weak, together with the country’s capabilities. Sheikh Rashid made the comments while addressing a press conference from the Central Press Club of Muzaffarabad.

The minister stated Modi was arresting Kashmiri leaders and had resisted the inherent autonomy of the valley on August 5 having a strategy. He explained Modi had lost time and his sanity had arrived for Pakistan to provide a response to the aggressor. The Union reaffirmed the government’s commitment to stand with all the folks IOK at the time of need, stating the maximal would do the same when he addresses the UN this month.


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