‘Boycott dollar’ trends on Twitter in Pakistan amid devaluation of rupee


KARACHI: Amid devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, the countrymen have become active on the social media as #Boycott dollar is trending in Pakistan on Twitter.

The people are urging each other to join hands to try out unconventional means to get the economy out of the crisis.

With the rise of import bill people are rooting to follow the footsteps of the Turkish brothers, who when faced with the greenback crisis rallied behind their president in favor of purchasing local goods and not buying or using US merchandise and products to improve the economy.

On Tuesday, a resident of Gujranwala on had set his US dollars on fire after continuous devaluation of rupee in Inter-bank and open market.

As per details, Amjad set the dollar, he was possessing on fire, to initiate movement to stabilise Pakistani rupee against the greenback.

“I’m setting my dollars ablaze with an aim to stabilise the country’s economy”, Amjad had said.

He had urged masses to do the same and avoid trading in US dollar to strengthen Pakistani rupee.

Earlier, the US dollar touched a new record high of Rs153 in the open market. For More Karachi News


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