Bomb threat issued to top Indian actor Rajinikanth


An unidentified person reportedly issued a threat to bomb top Indian actor, Rajinikanth, forcing the police to rush to his home.

The authorities later found it a hoax call made to the police after a search operation was conducted outside the premise of the actor’s home.

According to local media reports, an anonymous caller on Thursday afternoon approached the Chennai police helpline and issued a bomb threat to Rajinikanth.

Police officials and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad in Chennai rushed to Tamil superstar’s house in Poes Garden.

But for the superstar and his family, COVID-19 threat was more than a bomb threat and they refused to let the police team in for checking.

Police officials could only check the security guard cabin and area outside the actor’s house. Officials declared it to be a hoax call and are trying to track the prankster.

According to local media reports, over the years, several bomb threats have been made to Rajinikanth and each time it turned out to be a hoax.


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