Bollywood Actors Should tak Peace Lesson from Akshay Kumar


Pakistani heartthrob Mikaal Zulfiqar has said that the Bollywood actors should take lesson of peace from Indian actor Akshay Kumar.

In an interview to BBC, the artist said, “An actor needs to be neutral and to be a peacemaker if anything. I would like to commend Pakistani actors that despite facing propaganda, despite facing bans, despite being misused to some extent in India, Pakistani actors have always extended a hand of friendship and tried to bridge the gap.”

I’d like to actually credit Akshay Kumar, who I’ve worked with, for cooling down the situation, he added.

He continued that the role given to him in patriotic movie ‘Sherdil’ was a challenging one and he did use all decade plus of experience to put everything into it.

I had high expectations for the film, he said.

Responding to a question related to the release timing of Sherdil, Mikaal said, “It kind of worked in our favor obviously because the sentiment for the Pakistan Air Force was high. The Air force defended the nation very proudly so there was immense pride.” 


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