Biography of Waseem Akhtar


For what his fans saw as political factors after his nomination he was detained. he completed his diploma plan in telecommunication engineering. he combined the MQMcelebration after the founding in 1988 four years.

He’s also currently facing charges as the primary offender in 12 May 2007 riots in. he conducts on the property enterprise. he’s married and has five kids. Waseem Akhtar was detained according to a joint investigation team report on Dr Asim Hussain. these reports according to specialists are inadmissible in courts.

The anti-terror court that would attempt him has also been announced as unjust and ineffective from the international commission of jurists. Waseem Akhter was detained shortly after his nomination papers for the mayor of Karachi were approved by the election commission of Pakistan which demands a candidate doesn’t have any criminal background since he had been nominated mayor of Karachi unidentified persons enrolled fir against him in the district of Malir residence of then senior superintendent of police Rao Anwar who later is suspended from the government.

The anti-terror court ordered his arrest which appears a portion of the string of political crackdown against MQM which has blamed the law enforcement bureaus for transgressing their jurisdiction and extrajudicially murdering many MQM employees such as Aftab Ahmed a former planner for Farooq Sattar.

Waseem Akhtar also alleges that the court reluctantly delayed his bond by not hearing his bail instance.fees against Waseem Akhtar added he listened to speeches from MQM founder Altaf Hussain and clapped.

He’s also accused of advocating people to Dr. Asim Hussain for medical therapy. media conducted reported that Waseem Akhtar had confessed to murdering but his attorneys presented with a letter declaring that the reports to be untrue.

Waseem Akhtar afterwards himself refused the confession reports that were bogus and seemed on the press.mqm has also alleged that law enforcement agencies pressured Waseem Akhtar to draw since the mayor of Karachi. some analysts claim that Waseem Akhtar wasn’t being supplied a reasonable trial. Waseem Akhtar was discharged from detention on November 16, 2016, after obtaining a bond.


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