Biography of Qaim Ali Shah


Syed Qaim Ali Shah Jillani was elected chief minister of Sindh for three phases. his past two phrases combined a total of eight decades make him the longest-serving chief minister of Sindh.

Syed Qaim Ali shah was created 13 September 1933 into Syed Ramzan Ali shah Jilani at khairpur mirs. shahs family has counted among khairpur nations stronger and educated households. after completing his early schooling at Naz high school shahs family wed young shah into a relative.

shah then jumped to Karachi for higher education.back in Karachi shah registered at Karachi university and obtained a bachelor of arts. afterwards, he obtained a bachelor of laws from s. m. law college. throughout the course of his research at Sindh Muslim law college shah profited from the business and advice of his afterward professor Zulfikar Ali Bhutto developing a bond that could last for the whole period of his professors life.shah entered politics about being chosen the chairman of khairpur’s district council under field marshal Ayub khans method of basic democracy from the 1960s his intimate association with Bhutto led to his linking Zulfikar Ali bhuttos PPP shortly following PPP’s production in 1967.

knowing youthful shahs capacity prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto appointed Qaim Ali shah into his little cupboard as the federal minister for industries and Kashmir affairs. following general Zia-ul-Haq coup détat at July 1977 shah was detained along with Bhutto and other cabinet ministers. contrary to PPP bigwigs like Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi Ghulam Mustafa Khar Makhdoom Khaliq-uz-Zaman mir Hazar khan Bijarani who left the celebration or became inactive Qaim Ali shah remained faithful to the celebration. during the years of gen. Zia-ul-Haq’s principle shah along with members of the household endured imprisonment torture and virtual poverty as lands and accounts were captured and continuous fear.

Most importantly shahs politically active nephew Syed Parvez Ali shah Jillani reached prisoner of conscience standing in amnesty internationals 1985 accounts for lasting six decades of torture in general Zias torture cells. Benazir Bhutto’s autobiography daughter of the east documents Parvez’s ordeal in larger detail. his landslide victory in the 1988 elections by his constituency khairpur mirs paved way for his appointment as the chief minister of Sindh on 2 December 1988.

He dropped the election of his profession in 1997 when the PPP was hauled out of parliament. he made a bid and won his very first and senate expression that was just in 1997. he won seven from eight general elections he contested getting a MPA six occasions and member of national assembly mna and senator once. shah finished his term as chief minister of Sindh on 21 March 2013.

He had been more for the next time elected to the office of chief minister of Sindh after the 2013 elections. in July 2016 the PPP leadership chose to substitute shah with Murad Ali shah as cm Sindh. shahs first marriage was organized by his family into a cousin throughout his years. after shah finished his schooling from Karachi his loved ones in accord with the habits of the day organized his next union to Husn Afroze Brohi sister of a. k. Brohi.

He was outlived by neither of his wives. Husn Afroze died in the late 1970s and suffered from breast cancer and shahs the first wife died from a terminal illness. after years as a widower shah contracted his marriage to his wife that was existing based on the wishes of friends members and his loved ones. Syed Qaim Ali Shah has seven daughters and four sons. the four kids from his first marriage comprise syed muzaffar Ali shah dr. Syed Liaquat Ali shah Shamshad shah and Najma shah. Syed Muzaffar Ali shah is mostly an agriculturalist while dr. Liaquat Ali shah is an eye-specialist.

Dr Nusrat Shah is an assistant professor and a consultant gynecologist in dow university of health sciences. Naheed shah Durrani is a servant. after high marks on her CSS examination, she was chosen under a general Zia-ul-Haq regime which was opposed to Naheeds daddy. with over two years of support at the Pakistan administrative service, Durrani has functioned in a variety of capacities including secretary to the government of sindh.dr. Nafisa Shah is a singer writer anthropologist and writer. she has the distinction of being counted using more than ten decades of expertise of discipline politics and a much smaller amount of parliamentarians together with the differentiation of finishing schooling and postgraduate studies by the oxford university. Syed Afzal shah Jilani is a scientist working and residing in us. Nuzhat shah is a kid with special needs and shahs youngest daughter mona is currently studying medicine in Pakistan.


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