Ben Stokes Journey From Zero To Hero


Others cricket specialists were charitable and less optimistic in their comments that are the ashes of the defeat to the enthusiast of Englands super over world cup victory this summer and the centre-piece of rescuing his team from loss from the ashes below are a few of the opinions.

You cannot do that ben stokes said former England captain Nasser Hussain before another day a confident anglo-sceptic as it came into cricket. the bloke has a lions heart said Stuart broad.

It is only appropriate that the English batsman who hit on the six against New Zealand at the world cup final this season was born in this country.born in Christchurch in 1991 with Maori ancestry stokes moved to Britain in age 12 when his father a kiwi rugby league global obtained a job for a trainer for Workington in northwest England.

His parents moved back to Christchurch with his brothers in 2013 and as a schoolboy stokes had considered following a career in rugby and following in his dad’s footsteps. rather England is the place that stokes learnt the match and started playing club cricket for teams and getting an all-rounder who bites speed and bats left-handed.he was playing for the county side Durham which makes his debut as a teen and looking for England in under-19 level.

His batting for the pace of his bowling a left-hander and the heroics on the field all turned into joy because of his home team and stokes eventually made his debut for England in august 2011.since his introduction stokes has spanned cricket documents. an attacking batsman he also holds the record for England’s fastest test double-century the test game 250 and also the score for a test batsman. in addition, he holds the record for the most runs scored by an individual batsman at the morning of a test match.

Stokes also became the overseas participant in the background of this Indian premier league in 2017. these are at the world cup closing this season and Sunday’s epic innings.


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