BBC’s Stephen Sackur Pokes Fun at ‘Dangerous’ Indian Talk Shows


Pakistan has a lot of talk shows to go around, but none of them can compete with the Indian talk shows when we are talking noise levels. They are… entertaining in their own way (we are been polite here).

As a general practice, most talk shows are prepared in advance. The host starts a discussion on a chosen topic and the guests present and debates their views. For example; here’s a debate on poverty, a topic that ignites all sorts of emotions in people.

Do you see how calm each and every person on that BBC talk show is? The participants do a good job of being knowledgeable in their own fields (or at least they appear to be). They usually know what they are talking about. Nothing or nobody can make them feel insecure, because, for the most part, their values and beliefs are backed up by facts and figures. It’s not always the case yes, as seen in the public discourse to the Iraq War, where sophisticated policymakers failed the people who elected them with bald-faced lies, but that’s a story that deserves its own separate space.

Coming back to the point, these ‘civil’ talk shows tend to get boring for some people (raise your hand if you agree with this!).

Perhaps this is why Indian media has ‘blessed’ us with their own spin on talk shows. This is the kind of talk show where guests are yelled at, and debates turn into ‘let’s see who can get more personal with their verbal attacks’.

Who is to blame?

The person who started this trend in India is none other than Arnab Goswami. Arnab, who not only supports the agenda of BJP but also gaslights his guests every chance he gets. He’s been the focus of many memes. This video might refresh your memory;

While talk shows all around the world are well prepared in advance, these Indian talk shows rely on causing as much chaos as they can, which in turn makes for good social media comedy.

BBC’s own Stephen Sackur, the man behind Hardtalk, couldn’t help but share a laugh at their antics:

The man in this video is Deepak Chaurasia, and he is debating over… something. If you figure out what they are saying, let us know! It’s really magical to see the patience the other three guests have. Or are they just waiting in line to face the music?

Arnab’s not the only radical host who gets in his guests’ faces. Take a look at how guests talk to each other:

Looks like talk shows around the world could learn a thing or two from these hosts appropriating menace.

Stephen Sackur shared the clip from Deepak’s talk show, and everyone is LOSING IT (sorry for screaming).

An Indian Comedian responds

One comedian from India had had enough of these un-intellectual hosts running their shows like a brainwashing cult, with horrifying background music and support for illegitimate movements. Here’s what he did;

We also can’t ignore the visibly sane anchors who are talking about the pressing issues that need to be evaluated and discussed in a more humane manner.

At the end of the day, if Pakistani anchors want to get noticed by international hosts, they too have to follow the lead of Indian talk shows. Have anything to add? Let us know!


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