Bannu traders split over boycott of anti-polio drive


BANNU (9Newshd): Traders of Bannu district have split into two factions following their initial announcement to boycott the anti-polio campaigns in protest against the government’s tax policies as on Sunday a faction disassociated themselves from the protest call.

Earlier on Saturday, the traders had announced to boycott the anti-polio drive in protest against what they called heavy taxes levied on them. However, on Sunday a group of traders disassociated themselves from the protest call and announced to cooperate with the authorities against the crippling disease.

Traders’ leaders, including Malik Saleemur Rehman and Naik Jahan Shah, told reporters that they would cooperate with the authorities in the upcoming polio drive, which will run from Aug 26 to Sept 1. Interestingly, three traders’ leaders, including Malik Saleem, Naik Jahan, and Malik Raqibaz Khan, were also among those who had announced to boycott the immunization drive a day earlier.

The authorities have, in view of polio cases in Bannu district, decided to launch a special campaign in the district to inoculate over 200,000 children. The authorities have declared Bannu’s most sensitive district after 30 cases out of 53 of the national tally was reported during the current year. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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