Arrests begin ahead of Azadi March


The government would block all entrance points to halt the participants of JUI-F-led Azadi March from entering Islamabad. A control room was installed in the ministry which would guarantee the implementation of this safety plan in keeping with the instructions of the government, sources told on Monday. The ministry has prepared a plan to take care of the march participants, and directions are provided to the officials in this regard.

According to the plan, all entrance points of Islamabad will be obstructed before October 27 by putting wires, putting shipping containers and deploying large numbers of policemen. They stated 500 shipping containers could be supplied to the Islamabad Police before October 27 and it was anticipated it would be problematic for the protesters to eliminate them from 39, to fill them.

Law enforcement would be equipped together with batons, helmets, riot coats, protects and shin guards with tear-gas launchers, gas masks and cubes. Different cities’ inhabitants, such as Rawalpindi, wouldn’t be permitted to input Islamabad. The inhabitants of Rawalpindi who operate in the private and government offices in Islamabad will need to demonstrate their office cards. Authorities enforcements would also be gotten in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and they’d camp in the government buildings, such as Sports Complex, Community Centre, National Library and Police Lines.

The authorities have warned others, hardware shops owners and crane owners against supplying services to the march 31, coping. Prohibit Ansar-ul-Islam — allegedly the JUI-F militant wing — could be set in place this week on October 26, following approval by the prime minister, the ministry sources said on Monday. Sources told that an overview had been led by the ministry into the ministry for banning Ansar-ul-Islam this past week, and following its acceptance, the ban could be put in place.

The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police have launched a crackdown on the individuals involved in boosting the sit-in and Azadi March push and reserved dozens of individuals from the Shams Colony and Industrial Area beneath 188 PPC. The authorities said JUI-F leaders Maulana Shafi-ur-Rehman, resident of Shams Colony, and Maulana Mohammad Irshad, resident of Qasimabad, Rawalpindi, were discovered displaying posters and banner and approximately 20 activists at Shams Colony. The authorities detained three leaders although the activists were able to escape intercepted them.


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