Police ‘mistakenly’ arrest volunteer distributing ration bags in Karachi


KARACHI: Police officials have reportedly arrested a volunteer distributing ration bags among deserving families in Karachi’s Al-Falah neighborhood on Friday night.

A volunteer belonging to a political party has been arrested while he was distributing ration bags among deserving families and sent behind bars at Al-Falah police station of Karachi.

Police officials told media that the arrest was ‘mistakenly’ made as they thought the person as an ‘imposter’ claiming to distribute ration in a rickshaw.

However, the volunteer was later released by police officials after political workers lodged a protest against the detainment. The protestors claimed that the volunteer was also subjected to torture by the policemen.

It is pertinent to mention here that the police department of Karachi has so far made 4,132 arrests and registered 1,432 cases over violations of Section 144 imposed in the metropolis due to coronavirus pandemic. The arrests were made between March 23 to April 17, said a spokesperson to Karachi police.


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