Army to assist civil administration during Azadi March


(Islamabad News): The army is going to probably be called in to help the civil administration throughout the Azadi March of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F). It had been determined in a meeting in the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday with secretary inside in the seat. Army troops will be deployed in the next grade of the circle of their safety, Rangers will be placed in the next grade and the police force is going to be posted at the front layer of safety, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

The drive will proceed to act to keep order and law, the assembly decided. The authorities will collaborate with all the pact ” the spokesman said. The meeting made to maintain order through the demonstration of the JUI-F. Entry to the Red Zone will be illegal as it had been determined from the pact signed between the district government and agents of this JUI-F. Non-custom paid ammunition and transporting arms and vehicles will be proscribed. Of assessing vehicles in addition to weapons, A strategy could be put up to counter actions, the assembly decided. The plan will be shared with all the JUI-F leadership.

To facilitate the inhabitants of Islamabad and its surrounding regions, a traffic plan will be issued and publicised via print and digital media. The mob is going to be permitted to input Islamabad throughout the streets that are prescribed and no manner might be used for its entrance. The capital city is going to be under blockade now by the JUI-F, while law enforcement agencies are placed to counter the marchers’ endeavour of blocking the city. “Shipping containers will be closely fixed and may not be eliminated as it could be full of debris and terracotta,” sources said.

“Though the prime minister has warned that strict action would be obtained in the event the agreement signed with the government negotiation team has been violated from the Azadi March organisers and participants, the government has resisted the conclusion, formulating its strategy from the JUI-F Azadi March and proposed using force is going to be their very last choice if protesters produce anarchy,” the Interior Ministry sources said. Less or more 10,000 employees of forces in addition to authorities will be set up in Rawalpindi to keep the mob. Best direction of this JUI-F, such as Maulana Fazlur Rehman, might be arrested under 16 MPO when the telescope generates anarchy, ” the ministry stated, finishing that law and order could be maintained at each price.

Khalid Iqbal adds: The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has issued traffic diversion strategy throughout Azadi March to make sure public freedom. In accordance with traffic diversion program, Azadi March participants arriving from KP can park their automobiles at either side of Kashmir Highway and G/9 turn. Those coming from Lahore throughout GT Road can park their automobiles in Avenue Service Road. Those want to journey in between Rawalpindi and Islamabad are advised to utilize Chungi No 26 Flyover, Mehrabad, Pirwdahi, IJP Road, Faizabad, Murree Road, Expressway and Faisal Avenue.

Traffic diversion in Haji Camp Chowk into Islamabad Chowk is those wish to travel in between Rawalpindi and Islamabad should use Chungi No 26 Flyover, Mehrabad, Pirwdahi, IJP Road, Faizabad, Murree Road, Expressway and Faisal Avenue. Traffic coming out of Haji Camp Chowk will probably be redirected to IJP Road. People who wish to visit Peshawar Motorway and New Islamabad Airport may use G-11, G-10 and G-9 Service Road. They’ll visit Kashmir Highway through G-11 Signal. People who wish to visit Murree, Bahra Kahu may utilize Expressway and people travelling to Rawalpindi city regions could utilize Margalla Road, 9th Avenue, Faisal Avenue, IJP Road into Faizabad Flyover.

Traffic diversion out of Golra Sharif into Islamabad Chowk is those who wish to journey in Islamabad should utilize G-11 Service Road and Margalla Road. Traffic diversion in Zero Point into G-11 Signal Islamabad and Kashmir Highway is that citizens of G-7, G-6, G-5, F-8, F-7, F-6, G-8 could reach Rawalpindi via Faisal Avenue and Faizabad while citizens of G-11, G-10, G-9, G-10, F-8 and E-9 should use Margalla Road, 9th Avenue or even Faisal Avenue to achieve Rawalpindi.

By Sabzi Mandi I-10, Nescom Chowk, Police Line Chowk and Faqir Eppi Road into Islamabad Chowk, the inhabitants have been advised to utilize I-10 Road, 9th Avenue and IJP Road for travelling. Shops of H-9/3, H-8/4 and I-9 have suggested utilizing 7-up Chowk, 9th Avenue and IJP Road.


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