Ali Zaidi, boxer Amir Khan get in the Twitter feud over Riffat Khan


Who treated squash player Riffat Khan? Federal Minister Ali Zaidi and boxer Aamir Khan clash over Twitter.

Pakistan’s squash player Riffat Khan suffered a knee injury last week after her injury was avoided by the squash federation, Pakistan Sports Board and the Inter-Provincial Coordination Ministry.

News about Riffat Khan’s injury came to the media when Pakistani-based British boxer Aamir Khan, Federal Minister for Shipping Ali Zaidi and Federal Minister for Human Rights Shereen Mazari also spoke about his assistance.

Riffat Khan has been treated in the past few days and she is recovering after a knee operation, but there has been debate among boxer Aamir Khan and federal minister Ali Zaidi about taking credit for her treatment.

Boxer Aamir Khan revealed on social media that he had assisted squash player Riffat Khan, to which Ali Zaidi said that Aamir Khan should not get credit without work, he was assisted by the port and shipping ministry.

In response, Aamir Khan also applied the receipt of the transfer of the money sent to Riffat on social media and said that I had helped, not the government.

For the record, I Paid for the op 334.569 rupees. The government didn’t!

On the other hand, when contacted by Media, squash player Riffat Khan confirmed that both Aamir Khan and Ali Zaidi helped her and she is grateful to them.


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